In cahoots with Jen’s teacher, Jamie!

Jen’s teacher, Jamie, wrote her students’ pen-pals a welcome letter, which I thought was very nice! It reassured me that I had a real impact on this student’s life! Also, I thought it was neat that Jamie shared that she is serving as a pen-pal for another student in a Minnesota school system! She will be a great resource for me as the weeks go on. I can’t wait to get to know Jen and Jamie. I love the interpersonal In2Books interactions already! Here’s Jamie’s letter:

Hello Penpals. Thank you so much for volunteering to do this wonderful program. This is my first year doing it and I am very excited. I work in a school for children with learning differences (Dyslexia, AD/HD, etc.). We do not have grades and instruction is completely individualized. I have 4 students that are participating in this program. Bradley is 9, Jen is 13, Cooper is 13, and Matthew is 12. So eventhough some of them are older, they are on lower reading levels.

They loved reading the first letters you sent them. They are currently choosing their first book (fiction) and you will be notified about their choices today or tomorrow. If you could buy or check the book out in the next week that would be great. I am thinking it will probably take the students about a month to read their book. So try to have the book read by mid-November. I will have them write you when they are about half way through and then you can respond. Then they will write to you when the book is finished. Try to think of good thought provoking questions you can ask the students in your letters.

So I wanted to be on both sides of this program so I am actually a penpal with a student in Minnesota. I am doing exactly what you all are doing!

Let me know if you have questions about anything. I am so happy to be a part of this program. My students have had difficulty with reading in the past and I know this is going to help motivate them to read independently.

Thanks again! Jamie


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