Haven’t found an organization your passionate about yet?

Text “DoSomething” to 38383 to get a text message once a week with suggestions on how to help your community.


According to DoSomething.org, here are the TOP 11 REASONS TO TAKE ACTION:


    1. To learn something about yourself.
    2. Maybe you’re like a pied-piper in disguise! Kids may ADORE you, but maybe you’ll only find that out after you spend an afternoon every week mentoring a youngster.

    3. To have fun!
    4. Volunteer doing something you love, and it will be amazing!

    5. Because you’re passionate about a cause.
    6. You always loved animals, so naturally you want to work at an animal hospital. Volunteer and be involved in something you really care about!

    7. To explore career possibilities.
    8. Maybe you’re heading to (or are already in) college or the ‘work world’. By volunteering at your local hospital you can find out if you’re interested in going into the medical field by studying to become a doctor or nurse. Experience is key!

    9. It’s time to get off the couch.
    10. From the time you get home ‘til the time you go to bed, you park your lazy @*$! in front of the TV. Honestly. You know you’re bored with it. Be productive for a change!!

    11. Learn some new skills…and add them to your resume!
    12. You can learn a ton from volunteering, and what a great way to add stuff to your resume for future jobs or college applications!

    13. To fulfill graduation requirements.
    14. Maybe you need to volunteer for 50 hours in order to graduate. Awesome! Get out there and volunteer your time (and who knows, maybe you’ll do extra hours because it’s so awesome!)

    15. Make someone else’s day.
    16. Your extra little effort to help someone or some organization out can make a world of a difference to them.

    17. Volunteering looks REALLY good on college applications.
    18. It’s ok, because we know the reason you want to go to an awesome college is so you can work at an awesome not-for-profit.

    19. Feel good about yourself!
    20. Know that, after volunteering, you did something great. Really great. Be proud of yourself. Heck, treat yourself to some ice cream.

    21. It’s time to DO SOMETHING!
    22. Apathy is boring.


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