I finally heard from Jen!


Dear DEMI,

Thank you for writing me. I loved the book too! I think it’s awesome that we have a lot of stuff in common. You are like the twin I never had! I played guitar for about 2 mos. and then I quit because it was hurting my fingers. How did you get used to the guitar strings without them hurting you?

Miguel wanted his aunt to be top secret because he was embarrassed of the way she dressed. Miguel ended up realizing that is doesn’t matter what you look like, you still love that person even if they embarrass you.

In the beginning of the book he is shy and doesn’t really know what to do with his aunt. Then as he gets to know her better he likes her craziness. Tia Lola definitely helped Miguel.

I think she was like a child because when she was planting the garden she used her heels to make zigzags and that was funny. She was like a mother because she would always tell them bedtime stories.

She did set a good example for the kids because she was nice to people and everybody loved her.

Miguel realized that his aunt was not magical and he grew closer to her.

It was good for Miguel to learn Spanish so that he could talk to his family in the Dominican Republic.

What do you think of Miguel and Juanita’s relationship? Is it similar to you and your brother? It is not like my realtionship with my brothers because they are older and they like technology and I like listening to music.

We are choosing our new book. I chose “They’re Off, The Story of the Pony Express”.

I hope you are doing well in college. What college do you go to?



  On to the next book!

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